IP Transit

OVIO provides IP Transit (wholesale internet) services at guaranteed bandwidth (CIR - Committed Information Rate) with symmetric flow and broadband access without traffic limitation.

The service is designed for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecommunication operators.

Company guarantees 99,85 % service availability per month and also provides SLA.

The ordered bandwidth is guaranteed from the connection point of OVIO network in the territory of RA and the customer-end equipment port until, and including, the router of the foreign Provider, who is interconnected to OVIO network.

Service delivery is based upon a last mile connection from the nearest node of OVIO network to the customer office via fiber-optic cable including installation and setup of all required customer-end equipment.


*Service initial term is the minimum time period, during which the customer commits to use the service.

Longer service terms (from 2 to 12 months) assume appliance of lower tariffs, depending on contract duration and capacity.
The tariff may depend also on the location of the customer’s router, connection scheme and other conditions.
For service initial terms equal or higher than 2 months or capacities equal or higher than 2 Mbps the tariffs are defined by negotiations between OVIO and the customer, taking into account also the other conditions as mentioned above.

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