Wink is already included in OVIO packages ♡

Wink is an interactive TV and online cinema platform unprecedented in Armenia, with a modern and comfortable design and accessible on any device with a screen and anywhere with Internet access. OVIO subscribers having one Wink TV platform account will receive services on 5 devices at the same time, thus getting access to all content of the platform for all family members. Wink content can be viewed on Smart TV, smartphone and tablet via mobile app, as well as laptop and PC via website.

The Wink TV platform has a variety of features: catch-up, air pause, parental control, etc. It also allows you to share platform movies and series with friends for joint viewing, replace purchased movies, download them in the absence of the Internet. Wink TV device connection and setup guide

A guide to watching previous programs (catch-up) of TV channels on the Wink TV platform


Tariffs are presented in AMD including VAT.

The minimum Internet speed for the application is 6 Mb/s for SD channels or movies and 8 Mb/s for HD channels or movies.

The application is available for devices with TV tvOS 12, Android TV 7.0 OS or higher.

The application payment method is prepaid.
The list and arrangement of TV channels from June 5 in accordance with the Law on "AMENDING AND SUPPLEMENTING THE LAW "ON TELEVISION MEDIA"" dated March 22, 2023.

GPON technology provides non-guaranteed symmetric Internet access (up to 800 Mb/s) with a wired connection. In the case of Wi-Fi connection, the speed provided depends on the technical capabilities of the devices used by the subscriber. "Wink online cinema and television" platform is launched by "GNC-ALFA" CJSC (with the OVIO brand) in cooperation with "Hybrid Solutions" LLC and "Hybrid Production and Distribution" LLC.

The special offer is valid from 05.03.2024 to 05.06.2024 inclusive.

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