Cloud PBX

Why Cloud PBX

Connect  company's all phones and manage phone calls in one system, creating productive work environment  and promising business development prospects.
Cloud PBX ( automated telephone station ) is a virtual telephone system for organizations that need professional communication capabilities and innovative solutions.
Activate services ONLINE, via a special WEB-INTERFACE:

Cloud PBX

Monthly Payment

External number / Line

2 000 AMD

Voice menu /1 IVR

3 000 AMD

Voice menu sub-section

1 000 AMD

The line to make simultaneous calls

2 000 AMD

Operator group (for each operator included in the group)

1 000 AMD


1 500 AMD/month

50 AMD/day

Automated Phone Call System **

10 AMD

Voice message***

3 000 AMD

Providing a separate server of fixed telephone services in the territory of the RA

5 000 AMD

SIP port

500 AMD


All prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

* Call recording service charge is calculated by days. The preservation of 1-day recording costs 50 AMD.

** A one-time fee is charged for automated phone call system based on the number of made calls.

*** To receive a recorded voice message, the client logs into his personal account. A fee of AMD 3000 / month (including VAT) is charged for recording in each language.

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