Wi-Fi Promo

Why WiFi Promo

A new, flexible and effective platform for your advertising.

WiFi Promo is a two-in-one service that provides you with a high-quality WiFi connection as well as a platform to advertise your services and those of your company's partners using a Wi-Fi connection resource.

This way, your ad will target everyone who connects to WiFi in your preferred area, such as your service center.

High-quality WiFi network - effective advertising!


* GNC-ALFA CJSC is not responsible for the legality of the content of advertising materials provided by the Subscriber.

Tariffs for the WiFi Promo service are set based on the number of points, the amount of equipment provided at each point, the complexity of the work performed and the specifics of the location of the points.
More than one WiFi receiver available depending on the terrain.
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