OVIO and Vega present

Connect to OVIO and buy at WHOLESALE prices* at Vega stores. Wholesale prices are available only for OVIO subscribers. As for clients with Vega Gold cards, they will receive extra megabits** and channels*** from OVIO. Purchases can be made both in cash and on credit at any Vega store in Yerevan and regions. The offer is available for both current and new OVIO subscribers****.

Thus, you get

How to shop at Vega at WHOLESALE prices

How to get EXTRA megabits and channels from OVIO


*Within the scopes of current joint offer, you can shop at any Vega store, purchasing certain items at wholesale prices. The list of wholesale products is determined by Vega.

In Vega stores, you can make wholesale purchases from the entire assortment, with the exception of goods currently available within the "Special Offer" promotion. When shopping at Vega stores at wholesale prices, it is impossible to simultaneously use another special offer to buy the same product. Each OVIO subscriber can make purchases at wholesale prices at Vega stores no more than 2 times in each calendar month, no matter what day of the month the first visit was.

**Within the scopes of current joint offer, Vega customers with Vega Gold cards are provided with additional Internet speed up to 10 Mb/s. Additional Internet speed of 10 Mb/s and the speed provided by the tariff plan cannot exceed 100 Mb/s.

***Up to 20 TV channels are provided depending on the tariff plan.

****The benefits offered by Vega are available to OVIO subscribers who have been OVIO subscribers for at least 6 months or have joined OVIO services on the basis of a mandatory annual subscription. New subscribers can take advantage of the benefits offered by Vega by joining services with a mandatory annual subscription.


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