OVIO Cloud service

The OVIO Cloud service is a secure and reliable software infrastructure for your business. Cloud technologies imply the fastest provision of resources at the request of the user with minimal operating costs or calls to the provider.

About the service

Using the OVIO Cloud service, you can create a completely independent infrastructure consisting of virtual servers through which you can:

  • Create servers yourself
  • Choose and use different operating systems

You have flexible choices when it comes to device support. You can choose the number of processor cores, its frequency, as well as the amount of RAM and HDD.

You only pay for the options actually selected. There is no need to buy additional resources.

When setting up a connection to the server, virtual routers and the VPN connection option will be available to you.


The virtual space is located on physical platforms that have:

  • Additional power supplies
  • 99.7% SLA guarantee
  • High performance
  • Efficiently Distributed Network Connections
  • Access 24/7

Technical support *

  • Making adjustments in the Cloud service on request
  • Problem solving
  • Technical consultation
         * Technical support is provided as an additional service. The tariff is determined according to the application submitted by the client.


The service can be used by both legal entities and individuals.

Payment for OVIO Cloud Service is made on a monthly basis via a postpaid system.

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