Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is Convenient

                       Price List of Virtual PBX 

External telephone / line
2000 AMD/month
Voice menu
3000 AMD/month
Preserving 1-day recording for each external phone number *
50 AMD/month
Internal phone number
400 AMD/month
The number of lines to make calls simultaneously
2 lines (included)
An additional line to make calls simultaneously
1500 AMD/month
Monthly fee for calls through other operators trunk (regardless the number of telephone numbers)
5000 AMD/month
Calls within the network and to other local networks
4 AMD/min
Calls to mobile networks in Armenia
19 AMD/min
Calls to NKR mobile networks
35 AMD/min
Calls to NKR fixed networks
18 AMD/min
CallBack service
2000 AMD/month
SIP port
500 AMD/month (per line)
Virtual PBX service support monthly fee
500 AMD/month**
Included minutes to RA fixed networks
500 minutes




All prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

* The minimum number of days for recording is set to 30 days.

**The monthly fee of those. support for each internal telephone number is AMD 500.

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