Four-Digit Number

By joining the Four-Digit Number service, you can be sure that customers will easily remember your phone number. This service is a very convenient solution for companies that are constantly in telephone contact with their customers. You can use the Four-Digit Number service within the framework of OVIO Fixed Telephony or Virtual PBX service, it is intended only for incoming calls.

One-time Payments


Phone line activation*

Monthly Payments


Monthly subscription fee for each four-digit phone number

*The telephone line activation fee is charged once, for each four-digit telephone number, postpaid, within the framework of the account submitted for the services provided during the month of service activation.


These conditions are valid for subscribers of GNC-ALFA CJSC who are legal entities.

For calls to a four-digit number, payment is charged from the calling subscriber, as for a call to a fixed RA number, in accordance with the current tariff plan of the latter.

It is not possible to make outgoing calls from 4-digit numbers.

It is impossible to receive incoming calls from international directions to the phone number specified within the Four-digit number service.

Service numbers Four-digit number have the dimension: 8ххх


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